What does “10-20 in 2020” mean?

In order for us to move our ministry vision forward, we need to see our generosity grow beyond where we’ve stabilized over the last two years. Generosity is ALWAYS A HEART CONVERSATION BETWEEN YOU AND GOD, so we want you to let Him guide you in this area. Our giving vision for this year called “10-20 in 2020” is something we believe everyone can embrace and pray through their next steps. Here’s what this vision means…

  • If in 2019 you didn’t give or your giving was sporadic, then we’re challenging you to pray and see if God would lead you to give $10-20 per week (on average) in 2020.
  • If you gave a consistent amount on a monthly basis in 2019, then the challenge is for you to consider if and how you could increase your monthly amount by 10-20%.

If everyone who considers The Grove Church to be “their church” would embrace this challenge, then we could be in position by the end of 2020 to further expand our Kingdom impact in 2021.

What would that expansion of our Kingdom impact look like?

Here are four key areas where we’d like to begin taking next steps

  • Supporting missionary families who are multiplying disciples in various countries
  • Launching smaller, micro-churches in various areas out of The Grove Church
  • Increasing our network support of the Missionary Church and it’s Kingdom impact
  • Increasing our support and impact at Adrian Burnett Elementary and Western Heights
  • Laying a foundation for our next building space that would serve as a community gathering point and ministry hub rather than a traditional church building.

God has greatly blessed The Grove in our first 10 years, but we believe God is just getting started. Together, let’s take our next steps of faith with Jesus in all areas of our lives by allowing God to work in us and through us as only He can!