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You Can’t Say YES To Everything

As a kid, I never passed up the chance the skip rocks when I was near water. Now, having two boys of my own, they are following in my footsteps. While teaching them how to skip rocks, I've explained that with each skip of the rock, you'll create a new ripple, and the better the [...]

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Stop Your “Routine” Bible Reading

Much of what we do throughout our day happens because we have created a sense of "routine" in our lives. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm assuming that you eat, sleep, brush your teeth, shower, and change your clothes on a fairly routine basis. Perhaps you even go to bed at the same [...]

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Jesus’ Lifestyle Simply Stated

Occasionally, I will complicate things more than I should. Some of this comes from my unofficial diagnosis of "analysis paralysis" which leads me to overthink things to the point of stagnation if I'm not careful. However, at my core, I crave simplicity. After all, who actually enjoys complexity and having to sort through all the fine details [...]

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