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The Icing or the Cake?

I love icing. If you hand me a cupcake, I'm going to break off the bottom cake part, eat it by itself, and basically just enjoy the blob of icing on top. I'm the same way with cake. I'll eat the cake portion first by carefully eating all the way up to the icing just [...]

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What Restricts Your Joy?

On Sunday mornings in June, we've been defining what joy is and how it emerges in our lives. As we seek to be joy-filled followers of Jesus, we have to remember there's an underlying opposition working against us that desires to see every ounce of joy removed from our lives so that we are living purely [...]

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Worship: Beyond the Songs We Sing

In this post, Trent Berry, our worship pastor, shares some great thoughts about what it means to truly worship Jesus. We are blessed to have Trent on our staff, and I hope you'll allow his words below to challenge you in the area of worship. “What is worship?” you may ask. That question can be [...]

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