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Religion is Easy

Have you ever really paid attention to some of the things Jesus said? I've often heard people say that if Jesus preached at many of our churches He would not be welcome to preach again. Yes, Jesus was all about love, forgiveness, justice, mercy, and grace, but He was also very direct when it came to [...]

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A Church That Welcomes Your Questions

Questions... We all have them. Sometimes we ask them. Sometimes we just keep them to ourselves. Perhaps we are afraid of the answer or tone that may come in the response, so we just stick to living in the realm of the unknown. As The Grove Church, we want to be a group of people [...]

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Exciting Things for The Grove

Fall is here... The coolness of the mornings, the warmth of the sun during the day, pumpkin flavored desserts and coffees... Now, if only the Vols could get their act together and win some football, right? Who knows if that will happen, but as for The Grove Church, we're moving forward into this fall season [...]

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