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Let’s Talk About Halloween

Trick? Treat? Neither? Costumes? Ahhhh, what to do with Halloween? Christians have various opinions on how they should handle this day... Some see it as nothing more than something lighthearted and simple where kids wear fun costumes and get enough candy to make Willy Wonka jealous. Others, however, may see the signs of death, evil, [...]

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When The Bible Gets Boring

As we go through life, whether we realize it or not, we anticipate and even create assumed outcomes for various situations. This creeps into many areas of our lives, and I was caught by surprise awhile back when I realized I had lost a healthy sense of anticipation toward a specific thing. I'm going to [...]

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Not As I Expected

About 9 years ago, we felt God calling us away from a church family that we really enjoyed to pursue His calling for us to plant a new church. I had my vision of how it would go and the success we would have. To be honest though, it didn't really turn out anything like I expected. [...]

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