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December With The Grove

Where did 2018 go? It's hard to believe Christmas season is here yet again. As we swing into the holiday spirit, we're going to have a little fun as we celebrate Jesus and Christmas this December with our "Ugly Sweater Kind of Christmas" theme. At the same time, we're going to be challenged to discover this [...]

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A Challenge For Your Busyness

Busy. A four letter word that seems to describe so many people. "Busy" seems to be the answer I hear most often when I ask, "How are you doing?" At the same time, I find myself using this word to describe my own life rhythm. While it's true that we are all busy, there's a [...]

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If You Struggle To Trust, Then This Is For You

We've all probably went through those seasons where someone we assumed we could trust let us down which revealed trust wasn't properly established. Hesitancy to ever trust again easily emerges from situations like this, and it can even impact how we trust God as we go through the things we are going through. I don't [...]

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