As I’m writing this letter, I’m celebrating and giving thanks for the opportunity to be a part of The Grove Church. This is such an amazing group of people. These past two years have been the most enjoyable years in ministry that I’ve had. I feel so blessed to serve as your pastor! We are a church who is…

  • Growing in our understanding of God’s vision
  • Increasing our impact on the community
  • Continually striving to follow Jesus as His disciples where we live, work, and play.


  • On Sunday, July 14th, we celebrated some of the things we have experienced so far in 2019. We also shared some words of vision and challenge as we look toward the second half of this year and beyond. I truly believe we are just getting started in what God is leading us to experience. Each person plays a key role in our church and God’s Kingdom. We will only be as strong collectively as we are submitted to Jesus individually, so I ask you to consider our vision of next steps and let God further lead you into what He has for you! Please take time to watch the 15-minute video below of what was shared during this service.

Images With Important Info

  • Here are some images that are reflective of what was shared. Specifically, you’ll see that God is greatly increasing our opportunity to share His love and truth. We are also growing as a church which goes against the trend in most churches today. However, as ministry opportunities increase, so must our willingness to be all in with Jesus in all areas of our lives.
  • You’ll also see that our giving is significantly down for this year when compared to last year. Our leadership team does not see this as a problem, but instead, we see it as an opportunity… An opportunity for each of us to let God lead us into our next steps of generosity and giving.

Next Steps

  • In response to what’s been shared above and in connection with 2 Corinthians 9:7-8, ask God to lead you into your next steps. Click HERE for possible next steps you may want to explore.
  • Here’s a simple pathway to think through your next steps in the area of financial generosity…


  • One way to prioritize your giving is by using our online giving platform. This allows you to be disciplined and intentional with your offerings by setting up recurring giving on a monthly or weekly basis. Click on the Online Giving tab for all the info.

Together, we will keep moving forward as a church. God continues to do new things in our midst, and I can’t wait for us to experience all that He has in store!

Serving Him Together,

Josh Duncan
Lead Pastor