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Distracted Christianity

Distractions.... They are everywhere and easily shift our focus away from where it should be. We shouldn’t be surprised that we often struggle to stay focused on what matters most because we are constantly bombarded with so much coming at us from so many different directions. Just consider driving your vehicle down the road... Did [...]

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Gang-Like Church

I'll be perfectly honest here that I have no previous experience or expertise on what a gang is really like. My only perceptions are those I see on TV, but I think I know enough to understand the idea that the members of a gang are a close-knit group, really close. They are close because [...]

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An Awkward Moment With Jesus

Awkward moments. We've all been there... You say something you didn't mean to say. You see that person you haven't seen since you blew them off or ignored their texts. You spill a drink on someone which leaves them drenched with no change of clothes. Someone gossips to you about someone else only to have [...]

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Christmas Reflections and 2019 is Here!

Christmas came and went by like a blur. I hope your time with family went well and you were able to actually live in the moment as you celebrated the birth of Jesus with the people closest to you. As The Grove Church, we celebrated Christmas in a big way, and we're giving God all [...]

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