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Should My Kid “Get Saved”?

Kids can ask some amazing questions. Then, just as quickly as they ask a question, they can be distracted by another seemingly random question or idea before you even have a chance to answer their first question. Kids who are involved in a church and have a family where faith plays a key role will [...]

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Good Friday Is A Strange Phrase

To think of the words "death" and "good" in the same context is something that's just not natural for us, yet the Friday before Easter is typically referred to as Good Friday. This is the day Christians reflect upon the death of Jesus, and while it was a horrible event of death, it was simultaneously [...]

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Should You Avoid The Easter Bunny?

Easter means so many things to people in our culture today. As Christians, it’s very easy to just fall in line with the culture and go through this “holiday” like everyone else whether they are a follower of Jesus or not. “Easter” has taken a Christian celebration and turned it into yet another marketplace, secular [...]

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