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Summer Challenge

Summertime is usually considered a "down time" for churches... People are on vacation, schedules are inconsistent, etc... We all need a change of pace and even a change of place, so summertime is a great opportunity to experience those things. At the same time, summer can be a great opportunity to make great progress as [...]

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Finding Purpose In Your Work

We typically embrace the weekend as an escape from the reality of our "work" that we know will quickly return on Monday, but this past Sunday, we took a few minutes to talk about "work." Specifically, we considered how "work" can actually be a form of "worship." The 9-5 grind (or whatever your work schedule [...]

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Fight or Flight

We've all probably been there where we’ve wondered what life would be like on a distant island... You dream, even if just for a moment, about how long you could make your savings stretch if you just went full out Tom Hanks Cast Away style. Maybe you take your family along with you instead of [...]

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