Values determine how we will live our lives. These four words express the values by which we want The Grove to live.


We all have one. Each person’s story is unique and important. It is the summation of all of the joys, celebrations, pain, and obstacles that have shaped you to be the person you are today. At The Grove we value “story”. Listening to other’s story is the starting point for friendship. Listening to each others’ story is one of the best gifts we can give, whether it is your lifelong story, the story of this season of your life, or your story this week. Listening to someone’s story is the best way we know to earn the opportunity to share Christ with a person who is lost. Listening to someone’s story is the best way we know to help people grow in Christ as we bring to light how the Scriptures come to bear on each of our stories.


Lost is a heavy word. It is scary to be lost, to be separated from people that care about you. Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of being lost temporarily when we were a child or even worse yet losing one of our own children. Being “lost” is the spiritual condition that every one of us is in before we begin a relationship with Christ. Understanding what it means to be “lost’ and doing something about it is very important at The Grove. We want to use all of our strength, heart, time, and resources to help lost people find their way to Christ.


No matter where you have been it is always good to come home. Home is where you belong. It is where you are loved and understood. You can be yourself at home. It is safe. At The Grove we want you to be at home. It is important to us for you to be comfortable, at ease, to be yourself, and know that you are loved. We want you to grow in Christ surrounded by a family that sees your value, your potential, and cares for you. Whether it is a new home or your first home we hope The Grove will lead you to say, “There really is no place like home.”


We know how to love because God loved us first. Jesus said the most important thing we can do is love God and love people. God loved us so much that He gave us the gift of His Son to die as a payment for our sins. Because God loved us so richly, so greatly, so sacrificially we want to love Him and people around us with that same passion and boldness. At The Grove “love” is as much action as it is emotion. We are driven to express our love to God and to show people that they are loved.