In an effort to express on of our core values, “Taking Responsibility for the Community where we Live, Work, and Play,” The Grove has committed to support and encourage the staff, students, and families connected to Adrian Burnett Elementary. Listed below you’ll see the various ways you are able to be involved in this partnership. At various times throughout the year, we will also provide other unique opportunities for you to show the love of Jesus to the school. Use the form below to let us know you are interested.

Current Highlighted Opportunities

Thanksgiving Meals

Adopt a family from the school and help make a Thanksgiving meal happen. Names of families and more information is available at the table in the connection area on Sunday mornings.

Clothes Donations

For instances where the school may need to provide a change of clothes to students, they specifically need donations of elastic waist pants/shorts and shirts sizes. Sizes for all clothes should be Youth L – Adult M. These items can be placed in the designated containers in the connection area. 

Recurring Snack Donations

Just as we did last year, consider doubling up on some of your family snacks and giving a donation to the Kindergarten classes. Specifically, they’ve requested containers (not the individual portioned) of goldfish, Cheerios, pretzels, and animal crackers. These snacks are provided to kids whose parents do not send snacks. These items can be left in the designated containers in the connection area. 

Other opportunities

  • Blessing the teacher of the month with a freshly baked gift… If you love to bake, then here’s a great way to use your gift. Each month, we recognize the teacher of the month with a special gift and the entire staff with refreshments at their monthly staff meeting.
  • Handwriting encouragement letters to the school staff… Everyone needs more encouragement? If you are great with words and encouragement overflows from within you, then take a few minutes each month to send handwritten letters to the school.
  • Meal for the Staff… Prepare items for a staff meal. We’ll keep you informed about the specific items and opportunities we’ll need once the dates are finalized.
  • Double-Up on a Snack Item… We’re helping provide afternoon snacks for Kindergarten and 1st grade students. These snacks are important for helping the kids finish their day well and stay attentive because they eat lunch around 10:15. A portion of our offerings are budgeted to help provide snacks for the school, but in addition to that, there’s another way you can help… At your weekly trip to the grocery store, double up on one popular snack item that you would normally buy and bring the extra one with you on Sundays as a donation to the school.
  • Providing a Thanksgiving meal basket… Help families enjoy Thanksgiving.
  • Sponsoring a family for Christmas… Provide gifts that will be a blessing to a family in need.
  • Tutoring or assisting in the classroom… Make a teacher’s life easier by providing extra instruction and/or hands of assistance.

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    Blessing the teacher of the month with a freshly baked giftHandwriting encouragement letters to the school staffMeal for the StaffDouble-Up on a Snack ItemProviding a Thanksgiving meal basketSponsoring a family for ChristmasTutoring or assisting in the classroom