Fight or Flight

We've all probably been there where we’ve wondered what life would be like on a distant island... You dream, even if just for a moment, about how long you could make your savings stretch if you just went full out Tom Hanks Cast Away style. Maybe you take your family along with you instead of [...]

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Should My Kid “Get Saved”?

Kids can ask some amazing questions. Then, just as quickly as they ask a question, they can be distracted by another seemingly random question or idea before you even have a chance to answer their first question. Kids who are involved in a church and have a family where faith plays a key role will [...]

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Good Friday Is A Strange Phrase

To think of the words "death" and "good" in the same context is something that's just not natural for us, yet the Friday before Easter is typically referred to as Good Friday. This is the day Christians reflect upon the death of Jesus, and while it was a horrible event of death, it was simultaneously [...]

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Should You Avoid The Easter Bunny?

Easter means so many things to people in our culture today. As Christians, it’s very easy to just fall in line with the culture and go through this “holiday” like everyone else whether they are a follower of Jesus or not. “Easter” has taken a Christian celebration and turned it into yet another marketplace, secular [...]

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God Doesn’t Need You

From the time we are born, we are constantly "in need" of something or someone. As a baby, our greatest need is for someone to do everything for us. Time eventually progresses, and we end up as adults who are able to take care of ourselves with much less dependency on others. However, there's still [...]

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Small Steps. Big Impact.

If you've ever tried to do anything new before, then you know at first it can be harder than you expected. I was reminded of this just after Christmas when I tried to ride my son's new hoverboard. He made it look so easy, and he's only 9, so I thought for sure I could [...]

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Adults Acting Like Kids

As an adult, there are those days when I'd love to be a kid again... You know, when your biggest concern is which toy you'll play with when you get home or if you'll pass your spelling test... You are of course mostly focused on yourself and what you want, and your concerns seem like [...]

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Distracted Christianity

Distractions.... They are everywhere and easily shift our focus away from where it should be. We shouldn’t be surprised that we often struggle to stay focused on what matters most because we are constantly bombarded with so much coming at us from so many different directions. Just consider driving your vehicle down the road... Did [...]

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Gang-Like Church

I'll be perfectly honest here that I have no previous experience or expertise on what a gang is really like. My only perceptions are those I see on TV, but I think I know enough to understand the idea that the members of a gang are a close-knit group, really close. They are close because [...]

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