2020 “Big Gift” Christmas Offering

Each Christmas season, we challenge you to give above what you normally give each month. In previous years, we’ve used 50% of this offering to cover final budget expenses, and we’ve gave away the other 50% to ministry/community partners. This year, our leadership has decided to give away 100% of our Christmas offering. We were blessed to receive the payroll protection grant earlier this year that was made available to small business because of the pandemic, so let’s be generous church and give a BIG GIFT to ministry and community partners who could use an extra blessing this Christmas!

Should I give toward this offering instead of the normal offering?

We are urging people to give toward the Christmas offering with a sacrificial gift. In other words, we still count on your faithful and regular giving in the month of December to continue doing our normal ministry plans. We know God will give wisdom and faith about how you make a sacrifice this December to give sacrificially in addition to your regular monthly giving.

How and when can I give?

Now through December 31st… The easiest way to give is online through December 31. Just be sure to designate your offering for the “Christmas Offering.” You can also give in person on Sunday, December 20th and/or at our Christmas Eve Eve service.

How will this offering be used?

As is stated above, we are giving away 100% of this offering. We will split this offering evenly among these ministry/community partners. Find out more about these ministry partners by reading below and watching the videos.

Adrian Burnett Elementary

Our church adopted Adrian Burnett Elementary back in August of 2017 and the partnership has continued to grow since then. This offering is another way we can be a blessing and source of support to the school.

Western Heights Ministry Center

Over the last few years, our church has served mutiple times in Western Heights and even had people volunteer over there on their own. While we weren’t able to partner with them this year as we normally have through serving, we thought blessing them with our Christmas offering would be a great idea.

Josh and Kari McIntosh

This missionary family was introduced to our church earlier in 2020. Josh visited The Grove and shared his heart for missions and making disciples. They are preparing for their next season of ministry in South Africa as a part of East Mountain.

Ignite Network (Missionary Church)

This is our network/families of churches. All of the churches in the network are young churches like The Grove (approximately 10 years old or less). God is doing great things in our network, but it’s also been a challenging year financially. While we support our network with budgeted money from your regular offering, we thought this would be a great time to give an extra blessing to the network that has been such a blessing to our church and leadership.