None of us “like” asking for help, but in some situations, we need to do so. There’s no need to suffer in silence, and we believe the church should be willing to help in times of great need such as right now!

Has your family been financially impacted by the coronavirus? If so, we want to help you and your family in this season. While we can’t meet every request, we want to do our part to help within our means as a church.

Please take a few minutes to complete the form below. As we receive these forms, we will prayerfully consider how we can help families based on their circumstances and our available resources. All requests will be kept confidential among our church leadership.

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    I understand I’m only making a request and there’s no promise of financial assistance.I understand that no funds are being distributed today.I understand that I will be contacted by The Grove Church within the next 7-10 days if I’m approved.I understand that I should not inquire about this request because The Grove Church will contact me.I understand no cash or direct payments will be made to me but instead will be made directly payable to the appropriate entity.I understand the amount I’m provided may not be the full amount I have requested.

    Which area of need are you requesting financial assistance

    What is the amount you are behind or what is your monthly amount due is for the requested item listed above?

    Who in your household is currently employed/receiving income? Please list each person along with their job or source of income.

    Please list the names and ages of everyone in your household.

    How has the coronavirus impacted your family finances such as loss of job, reduction of pay or hours, etc.