This Christmas, we are challenging our church to bring a greater awareness of God’s “PRESENCE” into our community by providing “PRESENTS” to local businesses and organizations. Jesus’ birth brought His presence to earth as a blessing to all people, so we want to bless others with acts of kindness that will hopefully make them more aware of God’s presence as 2021 comes to a close.

We’re challenging each of our ST-Groups to adopt a business/organization as described below, but we’re also challenging families to join in this challenge as well. Here’s how it works…

  • Pray for God to lead you toward an opportunity. Spend the next couple weeks praying and discerning God’s leading. Think about places you go routinely such as your favorite stores, restaurants, banks, coffee shops, gas stations, etc. If possible focus your efforts in the Halls/Gibbs/Fountain City area, but it’s OK to go wherever you feel led.
  • Check the map image below and make sure your location hasn’t been claimed. If it’s not pinned on the map, then complete the short form below the map, and we’ll drop a pin on the map.
  • Plan for how you can best provide a present/act of blessing and kindness. This might be homemade baked items, gift cards to a restaurant or a coffee shop, etc. Maybe your kids could make crafts or cards. Make it a family event and think of ideas that reflect the uniqueness of your family.
  • Decide when you will take your items between Dec 12-18. Be mindful of the hours your location is open. Consider if you should talk to a manager in advance.
  • Pray specifically for God to further increase His presence in the lives of those you will bless.
  • Take a flyer from the Sunday service on Dec 12 or print the flyer by clicking HERE. Leave it with your presents to help you communicate the WHY behind WHAT we are doing.
  • Provide your present as an act of kindness believing they will experience God’s presence and know that He has not forgotten them this Christmas!

    Are you registering for your family or as a ST-Group?

    Which business/organization will you bless? Please provide the address and business/organization name so we can avoid duplicates.