Distractions…. They are everywhere and easily shift our focus away from where it should be. We shouldn’t be surprised that we often struggle to stay focused on what matters most because we are constantly bombarded with so much coming at us from so many different directions. Just consider driving your vehicle down the road… Did you see a distracted driver this morning? Were you a distracted driver this morning? Distracted driving has the potential to cause great harm or even death, yet for some reason people are still so easily deterred from giving their full attention to where and how they’re driving. This isn’t a public safety announcement, so there is a spiritual point to this conversation…

We began this year by trying to clarify who Jesus says we are and what that means as we live, work, and play. This Sunday, we’re beginning a new teaching series called “Distractions” that will help us see how distractions impact our ability to live out the life Jesus has for us. Distractions keep us from seeing people and circumstances through the filter of the Holy Spirit. Just think about the way distractions negatively impact us…

  • We constantly feel busy even if we aren’t
  • Relationships struggle
  • We grow apathetic to sin and its destructive nature
  • Fear and worry increase
  • We sell ourselves out to pursuits and hobbies that take us away from Jesus’ mission
  • Church becomes nothing more than another weekly item on the to do list

Distractions and distracted busyness are the most fierce oppositions to an intentional pursuit of who you are meant to be in Jesus. How do we overcome it? We’ll be unpacking these things during this series. Come ready for God to challenge your perspectives but to also extend hope that your identity can truly be found in Him. Distractions emerge when we’ve restricted the Holy Spirit’s voice in our life, so let’s journey together into a less-distracted 2019 and see what next steps God has for us!