Click HERE to reserve a ticket for 6:15

We’re so glad you are planning to join us for our Eve Eve services. We want to take every possible precaution to create a safe and enjoyable celebration for everyone who will attend. Your attentiveness to these things will help us keep the focus on Jesus as we respect everyone in attendance.

  • If you are coming to the 6:15 service, feel free to arrive at 6:00. For those who are coming to the 7:30 service, you can arrive at 7:15. Please wait to enter the building until 7:15 as this will allow time for people to transition out from the previous service.
  • We are strongly encouraging everyone to wear a mask.
  • We will scan your ticket as you enter the building. Please have it ready on your phone or printed out. You should have received an email with QR codes after you reserved your tickets. Let us know if you have any questions by calling the church office, 865-922-0261.
  • Upon entering the building, please proceed directly into the worship area and find a seat (unless you are taking your kids the nursery/PreK area). We are asking people to avoid congregating in the lobby and doorways in order to help promote social distancing.
  • During the service, listen for God’s promptings and how He wants to speak into your life. We are praying this service is a joyful and encouraging experience for you as we sing songs, reflect on Scripture, and hear several testimonies from people within The Grove.
  • As our service ends, we will dismiss you one section at a time. You will also leave through a different door than you entered (unless you have to pickup your kid(s) from the nursery/PreK area). As you exit, please continue on out to the parking lot. If you’d like to congregate with others, then please do so outside where you are not blocking anyone’s exit path.

Thank you for helping us social distance and be mindful of each other. Your willingness to follow these guidelines will help us create the best possible experience for everyone given our current circumstances with Covid-19. Merry Christmas and we look forward to celebrating with you!