In all the busyness of Christmas, we can easily lose sight of what Christmas is all about. We want to encourage you, as a family, to push pause on Christmas morning and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. With this in mind, we’ve made the videos below available to you and your family with the hope they’ll jump-start some family conversation around the true meaning of Christmas.

By clicking on the video menu in the top left corner of the video box, you will be able to pick from the different videos that we’ve made available. Videos vary in content and presentation style, so we’re sure one of the videos can work for your family. We’ve also provide some of the questions below to help you get your family conversation started as you watch the videos.


  • What does Christmas mean to you? How does our culture reflect/not-reflect this?
  • What traditions do we have as a family that help us keep Jesus at the center of our Christmas?
  • How can we better reflect and live out the true meaning of Christmas during the Christmas season next year?
  • Other than Jesus (because we know He’s the centerpiece of the story), which person in the Christmas story do you relate to the most? (Joseph, Mary, InnKeeper, Magi, Shepherds, etc)
  • What is one part of the Christmas story that we often overlook? Why?
  • What is one thing God has spoken to you about this Christmas that will impact the way you live in 2018?