Many of us have goals or dreams we want to achieve. Perhaps they are even godly, Spirit-led and Spirit-inspired goals. We have them for our personal lives, our families, and our churches. However, if we don’t have a clear process with intentional steps of action that moves us from where we are to where we want to be, we’ll NEVER accomplish our goals or dreams. “Never” may sound extreme, but it’s true, so let’s quickly switch this conversation from what “won’t” happen to what “can” happen…

Movement happens in our lives because we move… Move and change from where we are and what we’re currently doing to something different.

Check out Philippians 2:13, “For it is God who works in you, both to WILL and to WORK for his good pleasure.”

For you personally, what is it that you’ve sensed God challenging you to do, change, or pursue? I know He wants you to enjoy this life to the fullest. He said so in John 10:10. This is the “WILL” part of the verse above. God wants to ignite a vision and set of goals in you. He wants you to want the same things He wants for your life. He will create the will, the want to, the desire in you.

But God isn’t just a dreamer… He’s a practitioner as well. Where there is a WILL or a DESIRE there will be WORK required. The primary reason things eventually change in our lives is because we change. Our habits, routines, disciplines, relationships, priorities, etc will start to shift as we become more responsive to God.

When God WILLS something in you, He also wants to WORK it out for us, but we have to allow the movement and change in our lives. A God-given desire that becomes reality requires a faith that compels us to respond with obedience. Let Him lead you to a faith that’s active, and watch how God will work in and through you to change you and the people around you!

What is that dream or next step God is placing inside of you? What’s keeping you from having an active faith that will move you forward with Him?