To think of the words “death” and “good” in the same context is something that’s just not natural for us, yet the Friday before Easter is typically referred to as Good Friday. This is the day Christians reflect upon the death of Jesus, and while it was a horrible event of death, it was simultaneously the greatest act of goodness and love humanity has ever known. So here we are with such a pivotal moment in the foundation of our faith being a moment of both darkness and light.

Most religions are focused on humanity trying to be good enough to earn the love of their god. However, what separates true, biblical Christianity from other religious teachings is that God demonstrated His love toward humanity by coming to us in the form of Jesus. Not only did He come to us and dwell among us, but He died in our place as He took on our sinfulness. Good Friday declares that Jesus was good enough, not you, not me, but Him. He was good enough to satisfy the wrath of God toward the sinfulness of mankind. Thank you Jesus that you are good enough!

So from one perspective, yes, it was a good day because of what took place on the cross. At the same time, it was a good day because it wasn’t the end. Jesus’ death was a prelude to an even greater act… Jesus’ resurrection.

While we should gaze upon the cross and wonder why a perfect God would love sinners like us, the fact Jesus died AND resurrected thus leaving even death powerless should bring us into a constant state of awe and reverence before Him. He conquered sin, death, hell, and anything else that tries to separate us from the love of God. In the resurrection, Jesus declared in the most powerful way that He has conquered all!

As this weekend comes and goes, be sure to take in the fullness of why the church reflects on the death and resurrection of Jesus. Don’t let it pass you by as just another Easter. Give God a chance to speak His love and truth into your life in a fresh way.

If you missed the post from last week where I talked more about this, then be sure to check it out HERE.

Below is a video that will give further perspective on the ironic wording of “Good Friday”.

Embrace these next few days and be moved by the powerful story of Jesus… the cross, His death, and resurrection!