The Grove has always tried to express the value of “Taking Responsibility for Our Community.” We intentionally plan to do this throughout the year in various ways, but occasionally a need will present itself where we need to respond spontaneously and sacrificially above what we normally give.

This Sunday, we are going to share about a couple of unique needs in our Halls community. Our leadership feels these needs are opportunities for us to respond sacrificially as the hands and feet of Jesus. Please be in prayer over the next few days that God will lead you to join us on Sunday with an open and willing heart to give above what you normally give. No gift will be too small because God is able to multiply it beyond what we can fathom.

If you aren’t able to be here Sunday, we will send out an email next week explaining the needs and how you can give online if you feel led to do so.

Also, we are introducing a new tool that will make it even easier for you to explore God’s Word, take notes on Sunday morning, and share on social media the things God is showing you when we gather as the church. Starting this Sunday, you can find our church on the Bible App (YouVersion). Our church’s event page will be loaded with sermon content, songs, announcements, and extra resources.

If you are already using the Bible app (YouVersion), then simply click on the link below and check out this new feature. If you don’t have the app yet, download it from your google play or apple store. Once you are logged in, follow the three simple steps illustrated below.

Bible App Image 2