Grove Kids each Sunday morning at 10:30

Grove Kids area is a safe and secure area that is designed to help your kid learn about Jesus in a safe, fun, and age-appropriate setting. We want to be a resource of support and encouragement to you as you seek to disciple your kids and help them take their next steps of faith with Jesus!

General Information

  • Our different ministry areas are: Nursery, Preschool, Elementary, and Children with Disabilities. More information about each ministry area is provided below.
  • Grove Kids check-in opens 10:15 and closes 15 minutes after the service begins.
  • At check-in, parents are issued a two-part security sticker. Parents receive a portion of that sticker and are required to return it when they pick up their child after service.  The parent and child’s sticker is matched to insure the child is back in the care of his/her family.
  • Once check-in closes, the doors to Grove Kids are locked and monitored by the security staff.
  • If you are new to Grove Kids please email us with any questions that you may have

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Babies age 6 weeks through first year… Our Nursery provides such a wonderful environment for our babies. It has a touch of home atmosphere. We want families to have a very positive experience as you entrust your precious little ones to us. We strive to keep our Nursery a healthy, clean, safe, and loving environment, a place where you can feel comfortable leaving your child. Our nursery volunteers provide personal tender love and care to each child as they begin to discover the love of Jesus.

A child’s advancement from nursery to preschool at two years is based on child’s physical mobility and readiness.


Grove Kids Preschool provides a safe, fun, loving environment where preschoolers have an opportunity to grow and learn about Jesus with other preschool friends and a loving volunteer staff.. The preschoolers will do more than just “play”.  The 2-5 yr olds come together for large group where they will be exposed to songs, simple Bible stories through books and videos, prayer, and/or other theme relevant age appropriate learning experiences that will form the foundation for a relationship with Jesus.

We want preschoolers to know:

  • God Made Me
  • God Loves Me
  • God Wants to Be My Friend Forever

Small Groups:

  • Children two years of age
  • Children three to five years of age


Grove Kids Elementary is a Sunday morning environment for elementary aged kids (K-5th Grade). It includes an engaging large group gathering for worship and teaching from the Bible, followed by a more personal small group time with caring leaders and children their same age. The small group time allows children to build quality friendships and discuss the value and Bible story they heard about in the large group gathering. We want Grove Kids to be the best hour of your child’s week. We want each child to understand and embrace the following big ideas:

  • I need to make the wise choice.
  • I can trust God no matter what.
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Elementary kids follow the Knox County School Board policy in placing children in the proper environment.   In the event a child is home schooled, we will place them according to the grade that they would be in if they were enrolled in public school.  Small group divisions are as follows:

  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade
  • 2nd and 3rd Grade
  • 4th and 5th Grade

Children with Disabilities

The goal is for all children to actively participate in Grove Kids without special assistance.  Any child who needs assistance in being able to fully participate within Grove Kids or for the protection of them or others, will be matched with a volunteer to work one-on-one within the classroom to give them the best experience possible for learning about God’s love.

If needed, The Brook is provided for children who find a larger group causes too much anxiety.  In The Brook, the children have a quiet environment with sensory calming activities available. The class follows the preschool and/or the elementary curriculum and are given additional opportunities to engage in activities the individual child finds calming.

We have found having a prior meeting and allowing the child an opportunity to visit the The Grove Kids area can be helpful in a child’s transitioning into the program. If you have any questions or concerns, then please contact us and we will get you connected with the right person.