Missional Communities (MCs) will serve as The Grove’s primary expression of us BEING the church together. Our desire is to see every person experiencing authentic, relational, Jesus-centered community that’s focused on advancing the Kingdom through mission and disciple-making. Simply stated, MCs are people experiencing life together and on mission for Jesus.

MCs are more than a weekly meeting you put on the calendar. We are learning how to experience life together and on mission for Jesus by both gathering and scattering. For us, we gather as a spiritual family. Gatherings always have a purpose, yet remain fun, interactive, a little crazy, and Spirit-led. Beyond our gatherings, we scatter with intentionality and find ways to remain connected and involved in each other’s lives. This keeps us strengthened and encouraged for the mission of connecting with others and making disciples.

  • MCs will keep us focused individually and collectively on taking our next steps of faith with Jesus through the filter of UP, IN, and OUT.
  • Think of MCs more like a family of people all focused on a mission rather than merely a Bible study or weekly meeting.
  • Everyone’s sense of connection and involvement with a MC will be directly tied to the amount of intentionality that comes from their life.

Check out the videos below to find out more about Missional Communities. Simply select a video from the playlist in the top left corner.

If you’d like more info about MCs, then simply complete the interest form, and we’ll be in touch soon.