The most important next steps you can take are those that will help you personally know Jesus more. He desires to have a relationship with you where you are able to connect with Him and sense His presence in your life as you live, work, and play.

Surrender to Jesus… Explore what it means to receive the forgiveness, hope, and identity that Jesus wants to give

Baptism… Declare to everyone that you are an unashamed follower of Jesus

• Ask Questions… We welcome questions, so if you have them, please ask them. We’d love to help you explore the answers you need about God, faith, church, etc, and we’ll do this in a way that doesn’t judge you based on your previous spiritual background.

• Bible study and Prayer… Learn to hear from God and discern for yourself His direction for your life. Click HERE for a guide that will help you pray and apply Scripture to your life.

• Be discipled… Let us connect you with someone who will personally disciple you to be a disciple-maker.

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