Through our current teaching series, we’ve been discussing how our culture and country are often divided on how people should respond to certain topics. With this in mind, our discussions have been leading us to consider a “third” approach/”third party” which is Jesus’ call for us to live as His disciples/His church. This Sunday, as we continue teaching through Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount,” we’ll be unpacking some heavy-topic passages, which if we’re honest, have all impacted our own stories in some way. In Matthew 5:27-37, Jesus shares His truth on issues such as: sexuality, marriage, and commitment. Our culture addresses these issues from a wide-range of perspectives, so we cannot gloss over or skip over this content.


As an adult, come ready to be challenged. Be here expecting God to enlighten, encourage, and equip you to live in “His party” as you live, work, and play. Jesus is our King, and He determines the course for His Kingdom. These topics can be somewhat awkward for all of us, but a healthy conversation of grace and truth is needed in regards to these topics, so plan to step into these passages this Sunday with an open heart.

For those of you with elementary age kids, just know we are going to have an adult conversation about these topics, so little ears (5th grade and under) will be best suited to go to Grove Kids this Sunday. However, as always, the decision is up to the parents about whether your kids come into the service or attend Grove Kids.

If you have middle school or high school students, then just know our conversation will include talking about sexuality, pornography, divorce, and marriage, but there’s a good chance your middle school or high school student is already aware of all these topics, especially if they are in public schools. I believe it’s important that we, as a church, are willing to speak about and teach on Jesus’ ways in regards to these topics. As a church and as families, we have the responsibility to let Jesus be the One who shapes our vantage point on these issues. If we don’t address these issues, then culture will do it for us.

I’m excited about what God has in store for us this Sunday. He will challenge us all to consider our commitment to Him and what it means to stay focused on His calling in the midst of our culture today. At the same time, I know you will be encouraged and reminded that God’s grace and forgiveness are sufficient to cover any sin or struggle that we may experience.