God is doing great things in our church each time we gather, and this past Sunday was no exception. Toward the end of last week, I made this post, so this is a follow up to it and what was shared Sunday morning.

We were blessed to have Principal Michelle Wolfenbarger with us from Adrian Burnett Elementary. She shared some brief history about the school, their current needs, and how her faith impacts her role as the principal. The Grove will be supporting the school in various ways this year, so it was great to hear from her.

In response to this, our leadership felt Sunday would be a great time to challenge our church to give sacrificially/above their normal giving. 100% of this sacrificial offering is going out into the community, so here are the specifics…

  • 50% of the offering is going directly to Adrian Burnett Elementary for them to use toward any needs they have.
  • The other 50% is going to a few families in the Halls community who were impacted by a severe car accident a couple weeks ago. The girls involved in the wreck are a part of the Halls High School Band, and since we have several band families in our church, this is a great opportunity for us to respond to a need where we already have relationships in place.

The response on Sunday was great, but if you weren’t with us Sunday or weren’t able to give then and would like to give toward this offering, simply click HERE to give through our online option. Be sure to designate your gift for “Community Needs August 6” from the drop-down options. We’ll be receiving these specific gifts through the end of this week.