We want to take a minute and thank all of you for calling The Grove Church your home. For the past six years, Josh and Jennifer have served and loved us all, but now it’s time for their family and The Grove to enter a new chapter.

On Sunday, February 12th, Pastor Josh announced he is stepping down as Lead Pastor of The Grove. We’ve setup this page on our website so you can read or watch all that was shared and have a clear understanding of what’s happening next. Please take time to carefully review the information provided below.

First, watch exactly what was announced during this service by our church leadership. Simply view the video below for all the details. You can also read a letter from Pastor Josh by clicking HERE.

Here are the next steps regarding this transition process…

Per our bylaws, Pastor Josh has recommended Jonathan Absher as the next Lead Pastor. The church will vote on this recommendation at the Sunday service on February 26th. You can hear more from Jonathan by watching the video below. Additionally, the voting process is also explained in the video.

Our leadership team wants to answer any questions you may have. You can submit those questions using our SLIDO forum. Simply go to slido.com and enter the code GROVE. Using SLIDO, you can submit any questions you have, and our leadership will provide answers to those questions on Sunday, February 19th.

Also, please know our leadership team is available to meet in person and discuss questions if you’d like to do so. Simply reach out to Pastor Josh, Pastor Jonathan, Craig Cantrell, Christie Brown, or Eric Smith. You can also contact the church office if you do not know how to reach them.