What is “Skate and Bounce Night?”

It’s a family friendly event designed with elementary-age kids and their parents in mind. Use of the skating rink, bounce houses, and snacks (drink and chips), will all be free of charge. Snack bar (pizza, hot dogs, etc) will be open, but items from there will NOT be free. All we ask is that you come ready to skate, bounce, and have fun.


Sunday, November 12 from 5p-7p, but the event is limited to the first 300 people.


Skatetown at 5713 N Broadway Knoxville, TN 37918

Church sponsored-events make me nervous… Will you preach at me if I come?

If you’ve had a “bait and switch” experience with a church before, then please know you will not experience that if you come to Skate and Bounce Night. There will be no sermon for you to hear, and we won’t shove our church in your face. Here’s what we will do though… We will welcome you, greet you, serve you, and treat you as a person. A conversation about faith or our church may or may not emerge from that, but trust us, we aren’t looking to “convert” you or force anything on you.

Why are you doing this?

For the past several weeks, our Sunday morning teachings have been challenging us as a church to slow down. Our pace of life is something we all struggle with regardless of our spiritual background, so we are creating this family-friendly event to help people do just this… SLOW DOWN and have fun as a family!

I have a question.

Great! Feel free to contact us by clicking HERE