We all love our routines. With any routine, comes a sense of predictability and intentional work. However, the down side of routines is that we often leave little room or margin for something new. The task of adding some different to our routine, while it may be beneficial, can seem not worth the effort. The same thing happens with a church… We find a sense of predictability and order that comes from our routines which can lead a church to easily miss opportunities to do something new.

For The Grove, we’ve worked hard behind the scenes over the last couple years to cultivate rhythms that are recurring and allow us to be effective. At the same time, I’ve recently realized we have an opportunity to do something new in our routine that will allow us to take the good news of Jesus to more people…

Starting next week (week of June 23), we’re going to utilize social media, specifically Facebook, in a new way to encouragement more people toward their next steps of faith with Jesus by using stories, Scripture, and music. We’ll be creating two online connection points that will meet people where they are during their week (online and on-the-go). If our primary communication point is limited to only Sunday mornings, then we are limiting our reach. Our goal is to expand our reach, expand our impact, and connect more people to the God we are following as The Grove Church.

As a result of doing these live videos on Facebook, we’ll be posting mostly just these videos on the blog moving forward. While we may still have a written post occasionally, this blog will become more of a “vlog” that focuses on video content.

The following Facebook Live events will happen at the same time each week. You can join us live and interact during the live event or they will remain on our Facebook page where you can watch, comment, and share them on demand. Here’s what we’re doing…

Tuesday mornings at 8am, I’ll be going live on Facebook to share something that will encourage and challenge you to thrive throughout the rest of your week.

Wednesdays at 4pm, our worship pastor Brad and myself will be going live to take you behind the scenes on things within The Grove. We’ll be featuring stories/thoughts behind the songs we sing, introducing new songs, sharing testimonies, highlighting volunteers, and passing along other important information regarding what God is doing in our church.

So there you go… We’re doing something new, but it’s something we hope will be beneficial to you as you seek to be the church where you live, work, and play.