Why Are We Doing A Sports Camp?

We are focused on making a Kingdom impact on our community, and we believe one way we can do this is by meeting people where they are. Our community loves sports and comes together around sports, so last year we offered this camp as a natural way for us as a church to connect with and serve families in our community. Specifically, we want to create an environment where families that may have little or no connection with a church can experience God’s love in a practical, fun way. Therefore, while we do incorporate our faith into this camp and intentionally look for ways to talk about Jesus, our focus is on relationships, connections, and conversations instead of over-saturating kids with Bible content.

Here’s How You Can Get Involved

  • Pray… Begin praying for this event right now! We want God to direct the right families to this camp so we can connect with them and meet them where they are.
  • Spread the word… We’ll soon begin spreading the word via flyers, social media, etc. Help us get the word out to everyone you know when we start promoting camp.
  • Volunteer… This is our one “all hands on deck” community outreach of the year, so even if you aren’t inclined toward sports, there are still many ways for you get involved.

Please use the Sports Camp Banner in the back of the worship area to signup as a volunteer.

Registration/Hospitality team:  Arrive by 5:15.

  • Welcome families- You will be our first impression!
  • Check-in pre-registered campers.
  • Setup and serve ice cream at the end of the final night of camp.

Rally/Music team:  Arrive by 5:00.

  • Setup and prep for rally sessions. (Will have scheduled practices prior to the camp)
  • Lead the kids in songs, teach lessons, Sporty mascot, etc.

Huddle leaders: Arrive by 5:00.

  • Being small group leaders who lead group Bible conversations and will escort kids to all events through the evening until dismissal to parents.
  • Assist with crowd control and behavior at all times in rally sessions and sports sessions.
  • Huddle leaders can also be assistant coaches for a sport. Please, sign up for both if you are willing to help hands-on with the sports.
  • Follow up with families after camp.

Sports coaches (head and assistants): Arrive at 5:00.

  • Head coaches must have sports areas setup and ready to go by 5:30.
  • Head and assistant coaches will help welcome families as they arrive.
  • Assistant coaches will help with sports training in a particular sport under the direction of the head coach.

Tear down/Clean up: All volunteers involved are asked to stick around after the closing rally for any needed tasks, cleanup, etc. Responsibilities include taking down signs, general cleaning, help gather supplies and equipment under the direction of camp director. (will vary from night to night)

Camp Nurse/First Aid: Arrive by 5:30 and be present throughout each evening for camp to provide first aid or assistance if a child gets hurt or sick.

Administrative:  assist camp director with administrative tasks (i.e. making signs, sorting or rounding up supplies prior to camp, helping with snacks each evening, picking up and delivering volunteer dinner each evening by 5:00, etc.)