As The Grove, we’ve always said the church should not be built around any ONE person or personality (other than Jesus). As a next step in our pursuit of this leadership vision, in August 2022, we restructured our staffing model away from the traditional “Lead Pastor” approach to more of a team based leadership approach. (You can read more about it here)

  • All of our staff are “bi-vocational” meaning they receive compensation from the church but are also involved in other endeavors outside of their church responsibilities.
  • Our staff leadership gives guidance and support to our church vision and ministries with each person having specific responsibilities.
  • They strive to lead and model what it means to be the church as we live, work, and play.

Here’s our staff and their primary responsibilities…

Josh Duncan, Teaching & Vision Pastor

  • Plans Sunday sermon series
  • Teaches about 2x each month on Sundays
  • Ensures we stay focused on our vision and values

Jonathan Absher, Church Ministries Pastor

  • Oversees all church ministry planning and events
  • Available as the primary pastoral contact through the week
  • Teaches about 2x each month on Sundays

Kyle Wigington, Worship Pastor

  • Leads the worship team and plans musical aspects of our Sunday services

Jennifer Duncan, Grove Kids Director & Elementary Coordinator

  • Oversees the general direction of Grove Kids
  • Plans and schedules all things for Sunday Grove Kids Elementary
  • Leads our annual Halls Sports Camp at Halls High School
Heather Thompson, PreK Coordinator
  • Plans and schedules all things for Sunday Grove Kids Nursery-PreK

Dylan Collins, Pastor to Middle & High School Students

  • Leads all things related to discipleship and ministry planning for students

Tina Gilreath, Administrative Assistant to the Staff/Office Manager

  • Oversees our office needs including communication, bookkeeping, etc
  • Serves as the “glue” that holds us all together 🙂