We aren’t simply the church when we gather on Sunday… We also believe we must still be the church as we scatter where we live, work, and play. We best pursue our identity in Jesus when we scatter together!

Our ST-Groups meet 2-3 times each month, but every 5th Sunday in 2021 is ST-Group Sunday which allows to bring greater awareness to this aspect of our vision! Find out more HERE

ST-Groups serve as The Grove’s primary expression of us BEING the church together. Our desire is to see every person experiencing authentic, relational, Jesus-centered community that’s focused on advancing the Kingdom through relationships. Simply stated, ST-Groups are people experiencing life together and on mission for Jesus.

ST-Groups are more than a weekly meeting you put on the calendar. As The Grove Church, we gather as a spiritual family on Sundays to celebrate Jesus, be challenged, and reminded of our vision. Beyond our gatherings, we scatter with intentionality via our ST-Groups and find ways to remain connected and involved in each other’s lives.

  • ST-Groups keep us focused individually and collectively on taking our next steps of faith with Jesus through the filter of UP, IN, and OUT.
  • Think of ST-Groups more like a family of people all focused on a mission rather than merely a Bible study or weekly meeting.
  • Everyone’s sense of connection and involvement with a ST-Group will be directly tied to the amount of intentionality that comes from their life.

ST-Groups focus uniquely on relationships and mission while further seeking God through the Holy Spirit and His Word in three different ways.

UP: Jesus (Worship/Surrender/Identity)

  • ST-Groups will have two-three spiritually focused, intentional gatherings each month. These gatherings will include discussion of the sermon, a specific Bible passage, time of prayer, etc.
  • Together, we help each other better know what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus where we live, work, and play.

IN: Each Other (Care/Fellowship)

  • Cultivate a culture of praying for each other.
  • Care for the needs of the ST-Group! The ST-Group is the primary expression of care in our church.
  • Have FUN! Find ways to connect informally and socially with each other. You don’t always need a specific spiritual goal.

OUT: Mission (Bless/Make Disciples/Mission)

  • How can your ST-Group care for needs in the community?
    • Discover opportunities where you can continually “know” and “serve” a group of people or an organization so that consistency and familiarity are found.
    • Meet needs that someone hears about.
  • We must multiply our faith! Three simple baby steps would be:
    • Invite others not connected to a church and/or a ST-Group to join your ST-Group.
    • Plan fun social gatherings where unchurched/unconnected people could be invited.
    • As you notice people who need more time beyond your ST-Group gatherings, connect with them one-on-one to better unpack their story.

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