We love gathering on Sundays as one collective church, but we also love seeing what God can do when we prioritize scattering together through relationships and opening our hearts to how He may lead us to do things TOGETHER. ST-Groups are how we scatter together, and on Sunday, February 27th, we are challenging everyone to connect with a ST-Group.

  • We won’t have an in-person, regular church service on Sunday, February 27th, so we can raise awareness for and prioritize ST-Groups, but we will have a brief message streaming online via Facebook and YouTube at 10:30am.

While some people may not feel comfortable yet moving from the “crowd” setting on Sunday to the more personable setting of “community”, we have created a pathway for this next step when you are ready.

Learn more about ST-Groups by clicking HERE.

What Should You Do Next?

  • If you are connected to an ST-Group, then you’ll hear more info from your leader about plans specifically for your group.
  • If you aren’t connected to a ST-Group, then complete the form below, and we will help you get connected to one for this Sunday. Then, you can decide if it’s a long-term fit for you.
  • If you haven’t heard from your leader or you aren’t for sure if you are connected to a ST-Group, then fill out the form below.

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