Take a few minutes to get the full update by watching the video above, but here are the highlights.

Due to some unexpected personal circumstances that have emerged since accepting the student pastor position, Aaron has decided to not begin serving in this role. These circumstances may bring change to his primary job (his role with The Grove is only part-time) and availability/schedule. Our leadership is fully aware of the details, but out of respect for Aaron, we are honoring his request to not share the specifics.

While we are disappointed, we are also excited about how God has been growing and developing our student ministry, so we will continue building off the past few months, and not miss a beat. Pastor Josh will give intentional leadership and oversight to this ministry by implementing the following long-term plan…

  • Continue investing in Dylan Collins as he takes on more responsibility and becomes a person the students can connect with. Dylan has done a great job connecting with the students so far this year.
  • Further assemble a “Relationship” team that will give one leader per every 5-8 students. These leaders will invest relationally and spiritually into the students.
  • Create a “Planning and Support” team which will assist in organizing and implementing various events and needs within the student ministry.
  • We will have a summer schedule/plan that will give the students opportunities to keep connecting together as we progress toward the launch of a full ministry plan heading into the next school year!