Summer Camp Info

We took a few students last year to get a taste of summer camp, and we can’t wait to take even more students in 2022. This week is designed to challenge them spiritually to grow closer to God alongside building better friendships within our student ministry… and of course they’ll have a blast while doing all of this! More info will be available as we progress closer to camp, but here’s what you need to know right now…

Commitment to Go Deadline: Wednesday, January 26th

Non-refundable deposit of $50 per student will be due then. This is in accordance with the schedule determined by Student Life Camps. We will provide a full payment schedule to be paid over the next several months after we know who is going to camp.

When: Monday, May 31 – Friday, June 4

We we leave Monday morning from the church building and return Friday afternoon.

What: Student Life Camp (REC)

We believe God uses summer camp to establish spiritual markers that students will remember as they grow in their commitment to follow Jesus. Student Life’s goal is to further connect students and leaders to each other and Jesus through small group Bible study, engaging worship, and activities built around strengthening relationships. They promise to clearly present the good news of Jesus, to shape every aspect of our camps in such a way that God’s Word remains center-stage, and that we will have a blast while doing it.

SQUADS. CRAZY. COMPETE. Come ready to get crazy while competing for your Squad and growing closer to your group. Rec Camp is all about helping students connect with each other. We hope these team-building moments create intentional discipleship opportunities within your Life Group.

Click HERE for more info about Student Life Camps

Where: Shocco Springs Conference Center in Talladega, Alabama

Shocco Springs is a modern wooded retreat that ensures an unforgettable week at camp. Shocco Springs is about 4 hours away from Knoxville. It boasts unique free time options including the Aqua Park, low ropes course, putt putt, paintball and paddle boats.

Click HERE for more info about Shocco Springs

How Much: Approximately $200-250 per student (this will include their meals while at camp).

The student life camp fee is $350 per student, but with fundraisers and money from the church budget, we hope to reduce the actual cost to about $200-250 per student. The amount will be finalized in early February once we know how many students are attending, but $200-250 is an approximate amount you can plan for.

How Do I Commit?: Simply submit the form below along with a deposit.