Summertime is usually considered a “down time” for churches… People are on vacation, schedules are inconsistent, etc… We all need a change of pace and even a change of place, so summertime is a great opportunity to experience those things. At the same time, summer can be a great opportunity to make great progress as well. As The Grove, we are challenging you to make this summer a summer of relational progress. Specifically, we want you to consider your next steps in three different types of relationships… UP (with God), OUT (with people around you disconnected from God and church), and IN (with your church family).

(UP) Understanding the uniqueness of your story within God’s story 

Starting Sunday, June 2nd, we’re kicking off our summer teaching series called “The Story of God.” The Bible is often viewed as a book of history or classic stories, but the Bible is so much more than just those things. As the author, God has a story He has been revealing to humanity throughout the course of history. It’s a story of twists and turns, failures and victories, heroes and villains, yet also one that shows us the heart of our consistent God whose character has not changed from generation to generation.

In the midst of God unveiling His story, we also find our own unique story, which is personal and uniquely intertwined into what He’s always been doing. In this summer series, we’ll discover our story within God’s story, which all centers upon Jesus, as we explore the major themes of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation!

Don’t miss a single teaching, so even if you are out of town, be sure to catch the service online. At the same time, be sure to work through the at-home activities individually or as a family.

(OUT) Serving your community

As I’m writing this post, we have over 200 kids registered for our Halls Sports Camp which is June 10-12. Behind every kid is a family that we’ll have the opportunity to encourage and connect with. Pray we steward those conversations and interactions well. God is entrusting these moments to us, so we must do our best to reflect His love in both action and conversation.

In July, we’ll be providing a follow-up summer event to the sports camp. Details are still being finalized on this, but it’ll be another opportunity for us to connect with families in our community.

Also in July, Sunday late afternoon/early evening, July 28th, we are planning to serve Adrian Burnett Elementary by completing various work projects around the property to help them start the school year off right.

On your own, look for opportunities to just enjoy life and food with the people around you. If you’re looking for great ways to simply “Be The Church” this summer, then click HERE for some good ideas that’ll help you be intentional as you live, work, and play.

Connecting as a church

Throughout the summer, we’ll have opportunities for you to further connect with each other as a church family…

Man Night on Friday, June 21st at 7:00pm

Church cookout after the service on Sunday, June 30th

Grove Waterpark Day at Kentucky Splash on Wednesday, July 17th (date is still being finalized).

On your own… call/text some people to go grab ice cream. Have a cookout at your house. Invite others to come along with you as you do fun things throughout the summer.

All of this to say… Make progress this summer in your UP, IN, and OUT relationships. The opportunities will be there for you to do this whether they’re planned by the church or just by you being intentional and spending time with people on your own.