Dylan and Taylar Collins have been a part of our church for almost two years. Over the past couple months, this young couple has went through a difficult stretch. Their newborn baby, Maizlee, was born premature and spent time in the NICU. Maizlee was born after Taylar had been hospitalized for a couple weeks prior to her birth with complications. Most recently, Dylan came down with some severe health issues related to his lungs and has just been released from the hospital after spending 7 days in a critical care unit fighting for his life.

With medical bills mounting and more coming soon, in addition to Dylan missing several weeks of work between the baby’s birth and his health, they could really use a financial blessing from our church. Your sacrificial donation will be a huge blessing to them. 100% of what’s designated to them will be used to assist them with their future needs and medical expenses.

Here are the two ways you can give…

Sunday Morning Offering

You can give a sacrificial gift toward the Collins family via the offering on Sunday mornings. Be sure to clearly note the designation on your offering envelope or check by writing “Collins family.”

Online Giving

You can also give using our online giving option below. Again, be sure to select the designation “Collins Family” from the drop-down menu.