We strive to keep our focus on helping people take their next steps of faith with Jesus and allow God to determine the overflow of spiritual and numerical growth. We are so excited about the growth and life change that God is allowing us to experience as a church. He is blessing us with an opportunity to expand His Kingdom. He gets all the glory for this!

  • In 2019, we saw our Sunday morning attendance increase 23% from our 2018 average.
  • We are now two months into 2020, and God continues to bless us with new faces. Our attendance numbers are nearly maxing out our worship space to the point it could limit our growth opportunities without some changes.
  • PRAISE GOD that we are in this position!
  • Generally speaking, 70% capacity is the rule of thumb for when a space is perceived to be maxed out and may deter new people from connecting/feeling comfortable.
  • Our leadership has been preparing for months that we would reach the point of needing two services on Sunday mornings.

In an effort to stay in step with what God is doing and to ensure we are creating a welcoming environment for all who God leads gather with us on Sundays, we will be transitioning to two services throughout 2020. This will begin with an initial season of two services (9:00am and 10:45am) starting April 5th. We will transition back to one service for the summer beginning Memorial Day weekend, May 24th. This will allow us to reflect and evaluate our two service approach and make necessary adjustments for the fall.

  • Watch the video above from Sunday, February 23rd, where Pastor Josh announced these changes and celebrated our growth. Hear for yourself what was shared.
  • Then, review the Q & A we’ve provided below that will answer many of the questions you may have regarding these changes.

When will we go to two services?

Sunday, April 5th will be the first Sunday we will have two services. The times will be 9:00 and 10:45. We will have two services through Sunday, May 17th. The following Sunday, May 24th, which is Memorial Day weekend, we will adjust back to one service for the summer season. The summer will allow us to make necessary adjustments and be more prepared to better utilize two services in the fall and winter.

Which service should I attend?

We are asking everyone to commit to one service time for these initial spring Sundays. While it doesn’t matter which service you pick, we do ask that you make it “your service” during this initial season. Invite your friends and family to your service, invest in relationships, and do your part to help us expand God’s Kingdom in this season!

Will this split up our church?

As we transition into two services, we will embrace a vision of “2 Services. 1 Church. More Room for Impact.” On a normal Sunday, you are only able to actually connect with a handful of people as it is. Therefore, we encourage you to take your next steps and get involved in other ways beyond Sunday morning services such as Missional Community Groups, serving opportunities, etc.

To help us maintain a “1 Church” mindset, we will use the in-between service time for intentional fellowship and points of connection. We will encourage people to stay later if you come to the first service or come early if you attend the second service. We’ll have some extra snacks and drinks available during the in-between time which will be called “Connection Time.”

Additionally, we will have several opportunities where our whole church will come together as “1 Church.” Some of those opportunities that will happen in addition to our already established Missional Community Groups and volunteer opportunities are listed below.

First Ladies Night – Man Night – 10 Year Celebration Service – Nights of Worship – For The City Sundays – Sports Camp

How will this impact the “feel” of our Sunday gatherings?

You may wonder if we will become too rushed/programmatic with our services in order to keep everything on time. We will work to ensure that going to two services will in no way lead to a hurried feeling on Sunday mornings. Our services are currently planned for about 75-80 minutes and typically end around 11:45-11:50. When we shift to two services, we will plan for them to be about 65-70 minutes with the only difference being a slight adjustment to the length of the sermon. With the 30-40 minute gap between each service, we will have adequate time for transitions and connections to take place.

What about baptisms and/or communion?

Communion will be offered in both services on the Sundays we plan for communion to take place. If we celebrate a baptism when we have two services, then we will have the baptism during the service where the person being baptized normally attends. The following Sunday, we will share the video in the other service so everyone will be able to celebrate the baptism.

What about Grove Kids and Grove Kids Volunteers?

We will still offer full Grove Kids ministry in both services with the exception of the Brook Ministry, which will be offered at the 10:45am service.

Instead of needing to double our kids’ volunteer base, Grove Kids volunteers will be asked to double-up (teach both services) on the Sunday they are scheduled (with the exception of EASTER SUNDAY where we will use different volunteers for each service). However, we will need to supplement a few new volunteers into the Grove Kids ministry to help offset where a volunteer can’t do this on their scheduled Sunday.

For scheduled Grove Kids volunteers who have kids, we will offer a “Kid Zone” for them during the 9:00am service where they can hang out with supervision and play controlled/calm games. Then, they can go to Grove Kids during the 10:45 service.

What about Hospitality, First Impressions, Tech Team Volunteers, and other Sunday Volunteers?

These volunteers can either double up (like Grove Kids’ volunteers) on their Sunday to serve or we will also look to supplement the schedule with new volunteers. Team leaders will begin coordinating with their volunteers.

What Should Everyone Do Next?

PRAY… Pray about which service you will attend. The earlier time typically needs the most people to be involved, so please prayerfully consider your choice. For those of you involved in spring sports, you may find the earlier time to be your best option so you can worship and still make it to your games.

SERVE… We will also need some new volunteers in several areas, so if you aren’t currently serving, this is a great opportunity to take that next step and serve. Prayerfully consider how you can get more involved. New volunteers are only being asked to commit to serving one or two times during this initial season although you could definitely continue to serve longer if you’d like to do so.

INVITE & INVESTInvite: As you are interacting with people where you live, work, and play, share about how God is working in you through The Grove, and then “invite” them to come with you on Sunday. Take the chance and INVITE.

Invest: Don’t settle for a simple invitation to come with you to church. Take them to lunch afterwards. Listen to their spiritual story and questions. Share your faith journey. Invite AND Invest!