What is Undivided?

This 5-session study is designed to help us better understand God’s heart, know what’s actually true/false when it comes to racial inequality, and discover how we should respond as followers of Jesus. This is a Jesus-centered, gospel-centered, biblical viewpoint type of conversation on very difficult topic. In other words, these conversations are approached from a spiritual perspective rather than a political perspective.

Over the course of the summer, about a dozen people within The Grove worked through the Undivided series together. The takeaways were eye-opening, humbling, and very Spirit-led. You can hear two people’s testimony in the video below.

    • Watch the testimonies video to hear how these sessions impacted them.
    • Then watch the trailer video to gain an overview of what Undivided is about.
    • If you are interested in working through this series on your own, then fill out the form underneath the videos, and we’ll send you all the info so you can process through the series at your own pace.