When was the last time you woke up on the “wrong side of the bed?” Maybe today, yesterday, last week? I know when that happens to me everyone in my house can feel it. I’m easily irritated, snappy with everyone, and should probably just hit the reset button on the day and start over. However, I usually push through the day with tunnel-vision looking ahead to a better day tomorrow having already given up on the day at hand. Perhaps though we shouldn’t waste the day, so what if we could do something in the midst of a difficult start to our day that would change our perspective and actually allow us to take the lemons we woke up with and turn them into lemonade?

This isn’t some magic next step that I’m about to give you, but I believe if we could become self-aware enough to realize when our attitude is unpleasant this step could change the course of the day. The key in this is to admit you aren’t perfect and that you need some outside power (Holy Spirit) to awaken something in you that it is still asleep in that moment. I’ve found one of the quickest, yet still genuine, ways to reset those rough early mornings is to do this…

Praise God! Count your blessings! Give thanks for what’s good in your life despite what your emotions and mindset might be telling you in the moment! You are blessed, and sometimes we need to speak to God about those blessings in such a way that drowns out the voices of negativity that try to steal the joy from our days. Focus on His glory rather than your gloom!

I know the hard part can be figuring out what in your life you should give praise for? Use this acronym to think through the blessings in your life and find something to celebrate on a less than celebratory kind of day.

P- People… Yes people can drive us crazy at times, but there are those people in our lives that are blessings and add value to our existence. Give thanks to God for His provision of relationships!

R- Right… Think about what is going right in your life. Maybe it’s something simple and routine, but especially when you are in a tough season, it can be easy to feel as if everything is going wrong. Look for what is actually going right and give praise for that.

A- Apples… Not necessary apples, but food in general. There’s a good chance if you are reading this blog post you have food in your pantry or fridge. I don’t have to remind you (but I guess I will) that if you have food in your fridge along with other basics such as clothes on your back, a roof over your head, and a place to sleep, then you are better off than 75% of the world’s population. Don’t let your first-world problems put you in a sour mood.

I- Identity… In the middle of your frustration, remember that Jesus has willingly chosen to save you and gift you with His mercy, grace, and forgiveness assuming you have chosen to receive that. You didn’t earn your new identity in Jesus, so even in the midst of a difficult day or season, don’t forget His salvation has been given to you as a gift. Rejoice that you are a child of the one true King!

S- Salvation… Open the Bible and just pray up words of Scripture to God. Use the Psalms as your guide and just find the words from THE WORD to lift up to God in praise when you don’t what to say. Psalm 145 is an example of a Psalm of praise.

E- Enjoy… Think back to the last time that you enjoyed doing something. Maybe it was a moment with your kids or spouse. Maybe it was a trip or a vacation. God blessed you with that moment, so go back to that recent “happy place” and give God praise for that blessing.