Do you ever have those moments where you arrive at your destination only to realize that you can’t remember driving there? You obviously know you drove there, but you were so lost in thought about something that you can’t remember the specifics about the drive… What car was in front of me or behind me? Was there anyone walking on the side of the road? Did I drive through a red-light?… It’s kind of scary to realize you arrived somewhere, but you can’t remember the details that led to your arrival.

When it comes to life, we’re all going somewhere, and eventually, we’ll end up somewhere. However, just like some of our trips in the car, I worry that our pace and inability (at times) to enjoy the moment will leave us arriving at a point where we look back and wish we could remember more details. If/when this happens, we’ll have regrets and be asking all kinds of “What if” and “If only” kinds of things.

I know God doesn’t want these kinds of questions to be running through our minds, so last Sunday (Apr 22), in part 3 of our “You Asked For It” series, I unpacked a few ways to help us ensure we are both communicating and experiencing all that God has for us in the context of our relationships. If you missed that teaching or want to watch it again, then click HERE.

Let’s be a church that’s willing to take an honest look at the direction and speed of our lives as we let Jesus be the One who guides every step, every conversation, and every relationship according to the plans He has for us!