We all probably have those moments where life grabs our attention and causes us to realize how much has transpired over the last month, 6 months, year, 5 years, etc. These moments can be powerful if we will take time to let God show us what He wants us to see. Whether it’s how much your kids have grown, the difference a new job has made, or the new people who have entered your life, these moments have the power to launch you into new seasons with fresh anticipation of what God has in store next.

While these moments of reflection can be powerful, they can also bring up emotions of regret where we wish we could go back in time. Feelings of regret typically show up because something inside of us is unsettled about how we lived during that specific time period. Unfortunately, you can’t go back and try again, but, as long as God continues to give you another day to breathe on this earth you have an opportunity to make the most of your moments!

Making the most of our moments is easier said than done. You and I both wish we could slow down, but for the most part, we know there’s not too many things, if any, that we can eliminate from our schedules. Life is just busy. With each passing year, the 24 hours in the day seem to go by faster and faster, and so maybe you can’t slow down, but you can live with a perspective that changes how you see each moment!

How do we live with this type of perspective? There’s no simple 5 step process, but here are a few things that have worked for me. Perhaps these thoughts or some variation of them will give you a starting point toward finding a rhythm and pace that will help you maximize your moments.

  • More time with Jesus and less jumping out of the bed/hitting the ground running: I know this sounds like I’m trying to add something to your already overloaded schedule, but there’s something supernatural and beyond me that happens when I intentionally make time for Jesus. Specifically, at the beginning of my day, when I spend time in prayer and the Bible, it’s amazing how much everything else slows down. When you hit the ground running right out of bed rather than hitting your knees your mind will be running even faster!
  • Have a moment each day: In regards to each person you live with (spouse, kids) or anyone else you consider to be top priority in your life, find a way to have a moment each day. Say “I love you”, play with some toys, give a hug, send an encouraging text, throw a ball, snuggle up together on the couch, or ask “How was your day?” Your daily intentional actions like these will keep you focused on living in the moment.
  • Plan for and protect specific times: I firmly believe in this non-mathematical math equation… Change of pace + Change of place = Change of perspective… Sometimes you just have to change it up. Whether this means a hiking trip and picnic to the mountains, quick trip to another city, eating dinner at a new restaurant, or planning ahead for that family vacation each year, you have to find a way to change things up and do so often. Don’t let the monotony of the daily grind zap your perspective because it will if you don’t put forth effort to change things up occasionally. I’d suggest doing something on a monthly basis, so get creative, don’t think expensive and elaborate, but just do something to find a change of perspective. When you decide to do something like this, don’t let anything stop you from making it happen. Protect that space on your calendar. I’d say unless it comes down to you losing your job, then you must protect that moment you have planned. Write it in permanent marker!

Life probably won’t slow down, but the way you experience it can definitely shift as you let the Holy Spirit lean into your life!